Ana Mendieta, 'Silueta Sangrienta', Colby Museum of Art, Maine

3 October 2017 - 17 December 2017


While enrolled in the MFA Intermedia Program at the University of Iowa, Ana Mendieta experimented with Super 8 film stock. Between 1974 and 1980 she created more than one hundred Siluetas, photographic and filmic records of her use of elemental materials (earth, water, air, fire) for “earth-body sculptures” enacted in Iowa and Mexico. This series includes Silueta Sangrienta, a silent two-minute film that cuts from the artist, prone and nude, to a hollow echoing her archaic pose. The silhouette reappears as a reservoir for unnaturally brilliant red fluid, and finally we see the artist face down, partially submerged. Throughout the piece she dramatizes the camera’s static position through her pacing and editing: what results is an unsettling narrative sequence that resists linear time.

Davis Gallery

5600 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine