Group Show: Lygia Clark, 'Queermuseum: Cartographies of Difference in Brazilian Art', Cavalariças, Rio de Janeiro

18 August - 16 September 2018


Lygia Clark is in group exhibition Queermuseum: Cartographies of Difference in Brazilian Art at Cavalariças, Rio de Janeiro.


Curated by the Brazilian art historian Gaudêncio Fidelis, PhD, the exhibition reconsiders previous models of curating, particularly regarding major platforms of queer exhibitions around the world and advancing to a more conceptual, non-essentialist approach, avoiding thematic illustrations of display based mainly on representations of the body, eroticism and male sexuality. Queermuseum’s platform is one of contemporary art built with the inclusion of historical works, taking  a non-traditional approach to cartography within an anti-symmetrical strategy to address a artistic issues related to diversity and representation of difference under a non-heteronormative curatorial perspective. Conceptually, Queemuseum aims for a fictional, provisional and metaphorical museum that would exist while on view, a museum that thrives on diversity of form, queer inclinations of aesthetics, as well as “detours” from the canonical norm. The show seeks to address what Mr. Fidelis termed “an extensive colonizing of form by the regime of heterocentrism that pervades the construction of Western art, preventing a many artworks that exist outside canonical prerogatives from being adequately addressed by criticism and historiography.” In that respect, Mr. Fidelis states, “Queermuseum thrives on the premise of articulating a curatorial platform that challenges the canon against the typology of formalist exhibitions, testing difference as a mode of friction in order to create an inclusive exhibition that accepts diversity existing behind normative constructions of exclusion.”


Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage 

Jardim Botânico 

Rua Jardim Botânico 414 
Rio de Janeiro