Solo show: Ian Kiaer, 'Endnote, ping', Kunsthalle Lingen, Germany

21 September - 15 December 2019


The starting point for the art of Ian Kiaer are mostly utopian approaches from architecture, literature, philosophy and art. His installations and objects from everyday objects, found materials, models and paintings indirectly refer to special utopian ones Architectures and others by Friedrich Kiesler (1890 to 1965). Ian Kiaer's works can be understood as an open experimental arrangement or the (preliminary) result of a series of associations. Kunsthalle Lingen presents the first extensive institutional solo exhibition by Ian Kiaer in Germany, which will be presented in its two exhibition rooms. In addition to sculptures and installations, video works will also be presented. 


Kunsthalle Lingen

Kaiserstraße 10A

49809 Lingen