Ana Mendieta 'Connecting to the earth', INSTITUTE OF MODERN ART, Brisbane

9 February – 30 March 2019


The Institute of Modern Art, Queensland, Brisbane presents an exhibition solo exhibition of works by Ana Mendieta (1948-1985), guest curated by Prof. Susan Best, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Connecting to the Earth brings together two series of works that are about connection to land: the Silueta series and the Rupestrian Sculpture series. Rarely considered together, the two series powerfully demonstrate Mendieta’s idea of feminised nature. Using this ancient idea enabled her to posit alternatives to patriarchal culture in the name of the feminine, including: an ecological sensibility that emphasises the reciprocity between body and land; a resistance to colonialist conceptions of land and territory; and a complicated intertwining of terms that are traditionally polarised, such as transcendence and objectification, presence and absence and so forth.


Institute of Modern Art

Ground Floor Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

420 Brunswick St

Fortitude Valley

QLD 4006