Lygia Clark: 'Painting as an Experimental Field, 1948-1958', Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

1 June - 25 October 2020
The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain, presents a major reexamination of Lygia Clark's crucial formative years from 1948 to 1958 in Lygia Clark: Painting as an Experimental Field, 1948-58, curated by Geaninne Gutiérrez-Guimarães.
Along with a pertinent representation of her early figurative work, this exhibition assembles paintings from major series created during this early period to provide a fundamental overview of the first decade of Clark’s artistic career.
This focused exhibition traces Clark’s artistic evolution in three structured historical sections: “The Early Years, 1948–1952;” “Geometric Abstraction, 1953–1956;” and “Variation of Form: Modulating Space, 1957–1958.” Each chapter addresses Clark’s most significant ideas and provides an in-depth representation of her artistic development through a concise selection of works.
Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
Avenida Abandoibarra, 2
48009 Bilbao