Ana Mendieta

Art Basel Miami Beach | Meridians | Grand Ballroom | M21


Ana Mendieta features as part of an ambitious new platform at the fair debuting this year, curated by Magalí Arriola, Director of Mexico City’s Museo Tamayo. Titled Meridians, this section of the fair showcases a diverse range of large-scale projects. An important, newly remastered silent film made by Mendieta in 1981 will be presented by Alison Jacques Gallery in collaboration with Galerie Lelong. This untitled work marks a critical time in the artist's career, the result of her return home to Cuba in 1980 following nineteen years in exile. Mendieta was the first artist to receive permission from the Cuban government to create work on the island. In 1981 she began making sand sculptures, Esculturas Rupestres, in Guanabo beach that reveal the outline of the artist's body. This black and white film, Untitled (1981), documents one of these intimate sculptures. Mendieta’s engagement with the Cuban landscape developed from her Silueta series, begun in 1973, which saw the artist immersing herself into natural environments in Iowa and Mexico.


Meridians Opening:
Tuesday 3 December 2019, 4pm to 7pm


Private Day:

Wednesday 4 December 2019, 11am to 8pm



Thursday 5 December 2019, 11am to 3pm


Public Days:

Thursday 5 December 2019, 3pm to 8pm

Friday 6 December 2019, 12 noon to 8pm

Saturday 7 December 2019, 12 noon to 8pm

Sunday 8 December 2019, 12 noon to 6pm



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