Ana Mendieta and Amy Bessone in 'All of Them Witches', Deitch Projects, Los Angeles

8 February - 11 April 2020


Ana Mendieta and Amy Bessone are featured in the group exhibition All of Them Witches, Organized by Dan Nadel and Laurie Simmons.


This exhibition groups together artworks and artists that share an affinity with a “witchy” sensibility, using the iconography of the supernatural, occult, and witchcraft to channel ideas about power, the body, and gender.


In a time of constant historical and thematic artistic rediscoveries, All of Them Witches presents a breadcrumb trail that already exists—a shared language across generations of artists who share in a knowledge of, and taste for, a bit of the cauldron and a touch of darkness. 


Deitch Projects L.A.

925 N. Orange Drive

Los Angeles