Sheila Hicks in 'La Vie des Tables', Le CRÉDAC, Ivry-sur-Seine

20 September - 13 December 2020


Sheila Hicks is featured in the exhibition La Vie des Tables curated by Claire Le Restiff, open through 13 December 2020.


Ideas often spring up from a walk, from a swim in the crystal-clear water of a lake, from eating a slice of bread and jam, during a sleepless night, while playing a Memory game, or reading inspiring texts in which new, solidly built ideas emerge. When they arise, one has to pinch them hard enough to carry them all the way to the work table. Whether it’s a kitchen table, a workbench or a desk — tables embody the place where intuitions take shape. Expanded from the ideas taken from Lucy R. Lippard ’s texts, wherein the American activist, feminist writer and Art Historian points out that women artists all too rarely enjoy the physical space that is required to create, and end up having to work in domestic spaces — mainly on their kitchen table.


Focusing on the relationship artists have with their 'work tables' each artist presents a piece as a reflection on this period of flux and confinement in their workspace.


Contemporary Art Centre of Ivry - Le Crédac

La Manufacture des Oeillets 1 Place Pierre Gosnat

94200 Ivry-sur-Seine