Juergen Teller in 'FASHION?! The elements of style', Wurttemberg State Museum, Stuttgart

24 October 2020 - 25 April 2021


'FASHION?! The elements of style' features Juergen Teller's iconic portrait 'Kristen McMenamy No.3, London 1996', a group exhition dedicated to exploring how fashion is created, who decides what's in and what's out, and how the meaning of clothes changes, and why.


Opening on 24 October 2020, the exhibition presents the highlights of international fashion history from the 1950s to the present: opulent haute-couture models by famous designers, everyday wear, fashion photography and fashion magazines. A particular focus will be on legendary dresses from houses such as Dior or Chanel, alongside original dresses of former style icons such as Empress Sissi or David Bowie. Examples of regional fashion and textile industries highlight the relationship between local and global fashion production, whilst exploring the central role of social media in today's fashion scene.


Württemberg State Museum

Altes Schloss

Schillerplatz 6

70173 Stuttgart