Roy Oxlade

Art & Death: A Collection of Prose and Poetry
Softcover 204 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9561038-3-3
Dimensions: 20 x 13 cm

Published in 2009 by Ziggurat Books International, Art & Death: A Collection of Prose and Poetry was edited by the artist and film director Marcus Reichert. 


The book is comprised of a collection of texts that explore 'the complexity of our relationship to death in its absurdity'.

Features writings by the following:

Stephen Barber

Henry Ralph Carse

Judith Chandler

Antony Copley

Piers Faccini

Michael Florescu

Dom Gabrielli

Donald Kuspit

Simon Lane

Stephen Newton

Roy Oxlade

George Pattison

Amos Poe

Marcus Reichert

Edward Rozzo

Sr Anselma Scollard OSB

Mike Von Joel



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