Juergen Teller: Woo!


Publisher: Steidl

ISBN: 978-3869306520

Dimensions: 33.7 x 26 cm

Pages: 336

The concept for this book is an extension of “Juergen Teller: Woo!,” held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 2013. As part of the exhibition, Teller was invited to curate a selection of photographs in the ICA Fox Reading Room, an intimate space separate from the main galleries. His initial plan was to cover an area of wall with “tear sheets” ― proof pages relating to his commercial photography. Yet Teller eventually plastered the entire space with images spanning a twenty-year period, including family portraits, magazine assignments, advertising campaigns, landscapes and various personal projects. The combined effect of seeing his images so juxtaposed―forming unforeseen relationships across time―inspired Teller to launch himself into the production of this book during the course of his show. Distinguishing itself from conventional exhibition catalogues, Woo! brilliantly relays the raw impact of Teller’s original installation, unlocking a new and engaging dialogue across an unparalleled body of work.